Live weekly training for serious traders.
As I see it, there are two ways to trade...
1) The market RUNS YOU
You’re frequently frustrated/overwhelmed and just can't find the right trades and timing.

You enter trades, but if you're being honest with yourself, you never know the right place to exit.

Or maybe you've spent way too much time focusing on the “stock market” instead of the “market of stocks”.

Bottom line, you just haven't found long term success.

2) YOU RUN WITH the market
You have a flexible trading approach, knowing when and where to value technical vs. sentiment.

You are comfortable trading any market, and have a system for managing both your risk and trade capital.

I've experienced both and no surprise - RUNNING WITH the market instead of “getting run” is much more satisfying and profitable.

If the market is running you, or you realize you need help with certain aspects of identifying stock setups & trades, I've got GOOD NEWS...
After Hours is perfect for you!!!
I created After Hours so traders of all skill levels could look right over my shoulder and learn how I find and trade stocks.

Twice each week After Hours members join me at market close via a LIVE webinar. Together we search for, evaluate and trade the best stock setups I can find.
Think of me as YOUR personal guide through the wilderness of stocks. 
"Although many sites are littered with disclaimers of how 'results aren't typical', in my view After Hours is the place where you go to learn how to get atypical results consistently. Thanks!"
- Hattery
20-year veteran trader Jeff Kohler has seen it all. He shares his insights and approach to finding & trading the most explosive setups he can find in After Hours.
LIVE Webinars Tuesdays & Thursdays
Join Jeff LIVE every Tuesday right after market close to review the current market conditions and the trade setups he's watching. Ask your questions and do your trade prep right next to Jeff.
Thursday's focus is finding market opportunities by building a stock watchlist together. Learn firsthand how I screen for stocks, manage trades and find setups in all market conditions.
Trade of the week
Each week Jeff presents a "trade-of-the-week" based on the group watchlist discussion. Sometimes it's a long-term stock buying opportunity, a short dated option, etc. Trade right next to Jeff and After Hours members.
After Hours Sample Session
Want to see what an average After Hours session is like? Watch this recent session recording:
Customer Testimonials
Jeff Turned Me Into A Profitable Trader
Jeff’s approach to trading is unique and isn’t something you will find in other rooms or technical analysis books. 

A trader must make a decision what is most important: being right or making money. With Jeff you will learn to make money. 

For years I toiled away with fancy option strategies and complex technical analysis techniques, but I wasn’t profitable. 

Jeff was able to show me the error of my ways and turn me into a profitable trader.

 - Trent
Approachable Teaching
"Being a great trader is one thing, being able to convey your process in a way that others can grasp is another. You have a special gift of being able to do both."

 - Ray
Jeff's Trading Knowledge & Analysis
"I tried to trade on my own and with the help of other trading rooms and alert services and I also studied many different technical analyses, all but without much success. 

Then, I met Jeff...

Since I started trading with Jeff, I became a profitable trader. Jeff's market historical knowledge and uncanny analysis of market sentiment are some of the unique powerful tools that he uses to produce explosive results in his successful trades."

 - Agnes
Swing Traders Benefit
"Swing traders take note: If you are looking to understand where the money is flowing within the markets on a daily basis and learn how to trade set ups to follow that dough, then After Hours is by far the best deal going. This is not a trading service per se, however with the setups that are brought to the table will outperform any "trading service". You will gain an understanding of the sentiment behind the curtains, which drives all market actions and reactions. Thanks Jeff for going above and beyond."

 - jbran
From Big Losses to Big WINS
"I've dabbled in trading options for over 8 years and have never been able to consistently make money; one decent win would be wiped out by a string of losses.

After Hours has taught me the thought process and trading strategy necessary to maximize the big wins in options trading while minimizing the losses. Using the strategies and trade ideas discussed daily in After Hours with the Option Addict I have dramatically increased the returns in my portfolio.

I can't recommend this service highly enough!"

 - Mike R
Learning in a Community
"Jeff has a unique and highly effective way to trade and invest, and After Hours offers a chance to witness, participate, and learn on a real time basis. Jeff is also an excellent teacher. While I have only followed several of his trades (which already paid for this subscription many times over), the knowledge and perspectives are my true reward. It’s been a privilege to be part of this kick-ass community."

 - Lawrence
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Fred "ffunluving" Dray

I've been a member of AHWOA for two years and I'm constantly amazed at how Jeff Kohler is able to accurately predict market moves for the following day, week and month. Even more impressive is that he constantly puts us into trades just as they take off and rise 6 to 10%. Not only that, but Jeff explains the patterns he seeks and his rational in placing trades.

If you really want to learn while you earn, join AHWOA. Just one or two trades will pay for the service.
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